Animal Humane Society saves 42 animals from Fridley nonprofit; now up for adoption

The Animal Humane Society (AHS), with the help of Fridley police, saved 42 animals from Happy Tails Rescue on May 23. All of the animals, including dogs, cats and other critters, are now up for adoption.

Officials say the animals weren't receiving proper medical treatment or living in a proper environment, and that almost half of the animals needed urgent medical help. 

However, shelter leaders say this rescue was manageable compared to others.

"We've had hundreds sometimes before, which is an all-hands-on-deck, drop everything, even cancel other intakes type situation," said Dr. Graham Brayshaw, Director of Veterinary Medicine for the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. "This is one where we have to change some things, but we can adapt in the moment on this." 

AHS said police had been investigating Happy Tails Rescue since February after getting a tip about animal maltreatment.