House plants with fall flair

There's not much left to do in the garden for the year, so keep yourself busy with some new house plants! Garden Guy Dale K brought his favorite plants with fall flair.

Planning an apple picking adventure with Garden Guy Dale K

Its officially fall, which means you’ve probably unpacked the cozy sweater and dusted off your leather boots. Planning an apple picking adventure is a must-do fall bucket list. Being immersed in nature at your local orchard will send you home with fresh air and, of course, a bucket of apples.

Garden Guy Dale K gets his feet dirty checking on Minnesota's grape harvest

Minnesota – A state synonymous with frigid weather, ice fishing and ten thousand lakes -- may not sound like a budding up and coming wine region. But did you know our North Star State is one of Americas fastest growing wine regions? Garden Guy Dale K checks in at a local winery to learn how this year’s harvest differs from other years.

Saving the tastes of summer - how to freeze and dry herbs

It’s always bittersweet as the vegetable garden season winds down for summer. Learning how to freeze and dry herbs is an easy way to preserve the tastes, flavor, and aroma of summer garden herbs. Garden Guy Dale K shows us which ones are best for freezing and which ones are best for drying.

Lawn fixer upper with Garden Guy Dale K

Feeling a little blue about your lawn's lack of green? Summer heat was merciless on lawns this season. The good news is late summer and early fall is the perfect time to get your lawn back in shape.

Late summer bloomers to refresh your garden

While perennials are celebrated for their low maintenance and ability to come back year after year, annuals are beloved for their rich bright blooms. After a long hot stretch of weather, if your pots and planters need a little pick me up Garden Guy Dale K shares his favorite late summer bloomers.