Garden Guy Dale K's tips to a lush & green lawn

Spring is in the air! April showers not only bring May flowers, they also green up your lawn. It's time to get your lawn ready to enjoy this season. Dale K has some timely tips to rejuvenate and prep your lawn so it’s lush and green for months to come.

Weekend Garden Checklist with Dale K

It's too cold and the soil is too damp to do any real planting, however if you're looking to get outside and do some gardening this weekend Garden Guy Dale K has some ideas. Here's his checklist of what you can do this weekend.

Don't panic about repotting - Garden Guy Dale K shares his tips & tricks

Repotting your plants can sound like a tricky undertaking, but don’t panic or stress. Maybe you want to switch up your decor, your plant is overgrown or need to change gears for your plant's health. Garden Guy Dale K takes the guess work out of repotting, plus shares his tips and tricks to helping your plants flourish.

Searching for signs of spring with Garden Guy Dale K

This week's weather has us shedding our heavy winter hats and gloves. As all of us take the opportunity to enjoy the thaw, now is the perfect time to take a peek around your own backyard. Dale K shows us how to get ready for that season after winter.... spring!

Finding the perfect pot for the perfect plant

Choosing a pot for your plant can be challenging, there are so many choices, not to mention what size to choose. Choosing a pot doesn’t have to be tongue twister when you know what to look for. Garden Guy Dale K has the 101 on the perfect planter.