Lawn fixer upper with Garden Guy Dale K

Feeling a little blue about your lawn's lack of green? Summer heat was merciless on lawns this season. The good news is late summer and early fall is the perfect time to get your lawn back in shape.

Late summer bloomers to refresh your garden

While perennials are celebrated for their low maintenance and ability to come back year after year, annuals are beloved for their rich bright blooms. After a long hot stretch of weather, if your pots and planters need a little pick me up Garden Guy Dale K shares his favorite late summer bloomers.

Making a splash at the Como Water Gardens

At Como there are 16 distinct garden experiences to explore. This morning Dale K checks out the ‘Water Gardens’, showing off the exotic plants that are unique to Como and on display till September.

Bringing a splash to your backyard patio

There is nothing better than being close to water in the summer months, but we all don’t live next to a large body of water. This morning Dale K shares some unique ways you can bring cooling ambiance to your backyard using flowerpots.

Behind the scenes at a Minnesota Flower Farm

Flower power! The new slow flower movement is the art, creativity and sustainability of growing chemical free cut flowers. Garden Guy Dale K visits Blue Sky Flower Farm to get a firsthand look at their 10- acre farm.