How to build your own succulent garden

Succulents and cacti gardens indoors are among the easiest ways to enjoy this wonderfully diverse group of plants. Garden Guy Dale K shows us how to build one for yourself.

Green ways to give your Christmas tree new life

With the start of the New Year comes an old problem... what should you do with your fresh Christmas tree after the season? For years folks have hauled their trees to the curb, but in a more environmentally friendly age Garden Guy Dale K shows us how to give your cherished Christmas decor new life after the holiday.

Penguins check out the Holiday Flower Show at Como

It's penguins on parade at the Holiday Flower show. Garden Guy Dale K got a chance to check out the show at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory (which is closed due to COVID-19) with the help of some feathered friends.

Decorating with Holiday Poinsettias

Poinsettias are synonymous with the holiday season across the globe. Garden Guy Dale K shows how to select, care for and decorate with the bright spots of natural cheer.

Choosing the perfect Christmas Tree

Picking out a fresh tree is one of the most classic holiday traditions. Before you head out to the tree lot, Garden Guy Dale K has tips to choosing the perfect tree for your family.