Keep the pests at bay! Protecting your garden with Dale K

There's nothing worse than having a garden full of flourishing fruits, vegetables, and flowers only to have it invaded by pests. When local critters have outstayed their welcome, here are some of Garden Guy Dale K's best ways to safely deter them from your garden.

Pops of flowers and color for shade

Shady areas can be a limiting challenge for even the most seasoned gardeners when it comes to spring flowers. Garden Guy Dale K has his picks for flowers and color that not only bloom in the shade but will actually thrive as well.

Growing fresh salsa with Garden Guy Dale K

Nothing combines the fresh summer flavor of the vegetable garden like homemade salsa. This peppy Mexican style sauce of pureed or chopped vegetables is refreshing and easy to grow. Garden guy Dale K has tips for the perfect salsa.

Growing strawberries in your own backyard with Dale K

Few things bring back summer memories like sinking your teeth into a fresh and juicy strawberry. Why not have these sweet berries growing in your own garden? Garden Guy Dale K shows us how they can be grown in just about any backyard or patio.

Searching for spring at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

After a week of dreary weather, Garden Guy Dale K searches for a sure sign of spring -- the Spring Flower Show at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory. This year's show features a bumblebee inspired palette and runs through May 2nd.

Garden Guy Dale K's tips to a lush & green lawn

Spring is in the air! April showers not only bring May flowers, they also green up your lawn. It's time to get your lawn ready to enjoy this season. Dale K has some timely tips to rejuvenate and prep your lawn so it’s lush and green for months to come.