What gardening insiders say will be trending for 2022

There are a lot of green thumbs in town! The Northern Green Expo is happening downtown Minneapolis. It's a private conference for gardening professionals to learn about what's trending in Minnesota for 2022. Garden Guy Dale K takes us inside.

Holiday greenery 101 with Garden Guy Dale K

By thanksgiving, our homes are overflowing with bushel baskets full of evergreen boughs and branches. Among the many choices of evergreens, Garden Guy Dale K takes us through which ones work best indoors, and which ones are better left outdoors.

Timing is everything - planting your Amaryllis bulbs with Dale K

There's nothing quite so spectacular as blooming amaryllis bulbs, especially around the holidays. The oversized blooms add much needed cheer during the darker days of winter. Timing is important, so follow Garden Guy Dale K's simple steps for blooming success.

House plants with fall flair

There's not much left to do in the garden for the year, so keep yourself busy with some new house plants! Garden Guy Dale K brought his favorite plants with fall flair.

Planning an apple picking adventure with Garden Guy Dale K

Its officially fall, which means you’ve probably unpacked the cozy sweater and dusted off your leather boots. Planning an apple picking adventure is a must-do fall bucket list. Being immersed in nature at your local orchard will send you home with fresh air and, of course, a bucket of apples.