Meal ideas for families on the go

From soccer to band practice, finding time for dinner can be a nearly impossible task for many families. Mary Matthews from the Way Cool Cooking School dropped by with easy ideas for meals on the go.

Recipe: Pork chop chili

This time of year, chili's a dish that's sure to warm your heart -- and your belly -- so Dr. BBQ cooked up a unique new recipe that's sure to add some spice to FOX’s Thursday Night Football. 

Recipe: Farfalle with sage and pumpkin alfredo

How do you feed the family a delicious and filling dinner on Halloween night so they don’t binge on candy? Chef Shari Mukherjee, former contestant on FOX’s Masterchef, shares a quick and easy recipe for your busy Halloween night. 

Recipes: Healthy Halloween snacks to satisfy your sugar craving

It’s Halloween and the sweets have taken over. The average American will eat 3.4lbs of candy in the week of Halloween. So here are some recipes from Registered Dietician and Nutritionist Christina Meyer-Jax that will help scratch the sugar itch, but are more balanced and nutritious.  Protein Truffle Bites