Las Vegas police officer shot outside casino

A police officer was on life support Tuesday after being shot during a protest on the Las Vegas Strip and a man who a federal official said was armed with a rifle was hit with a beanbag projectile and then fatally shot by officers protecting a federal courthouse, authorities said.

Minnesota DFL lawmakers seek police changes in wake of George Floyd’s death

About 40 Minnesota Democratic lawmakers called for more regulations on police in the wake of George Floyd's death and said they would demand changes during a likely legislative special session starting on June 12. Among the policing policy changes that the Minnesota House People of Color and Indigenous Caucus want is moving the investigative and prosecution powers for police killings to the Minnesota Attorney General’s office, away from the county attorney.  A Democrat, Keith Ellison, holds the attorney general's office now. However, Ellison beat Republican Doug Wardlow in 2018 by just a 49-45 margin, the closest statewide race that year.  

Peaceful protesters don't want message behind George Floyd rallies overshadowed by violence

Two very different stories can be told about what happened over the weekend in Los Angeles and across the nation. One demonstrates solidarity among people of all races, doing whatever they can to make sure that the message isn't lost in translation: black individuals are not being treated as first-class citizens in the United States and the death of George Floyd can't be another statistic. The other attempts to distract from that message by whatever means possible in hopes of capitalizing on a divided nation in order to shatter our dreams of unity.