Farmer Suicide: The Perfect Storm

Twenty miles from the Canadian border, just outside Hallock, Minnesota, you’ll find the bean fields that surround the Gillie home.  

The Robot Farmer

Last week, the U.S. Agriculture Secretary said he didn’t know if the family dairy farm can survive as the industry moves towards factory farms.

INVESTIGATORS: Drowning is silent

Drowning is one of the leading causes of children’s deaths. It happens so often because most people don’t know what an actual drowning looks or sounds like. It is not the loud, hands splashing event you see in the movies or television.

How local sales taxes can be secretly stolen

When people buy something and pay tax on it, they expect the money is going to the government. However, FOX 9 has learned hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of those dollars are vanishing as part of a high-tech tax fraud.

Public places, safe spaces: How libraries help the homeless

The tent city along Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis may be gone, but the city’s homeless problem didn’t vanish. The homeless can be found every day in libraries around the Twin Cities. And one of those libraries even has a full-time social worker helping to meet the needs of its patrons. 

Minneapolis Park Board accused of cronyism

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) is receiving criticism from present and past commissioners after the Interim Superintendent approved a paid consultant, without a public vote, who has strong connections to the Board’s President.

A lifeline back home

It’s a ritual repeated hundreds, if not thousands of times every day in Minnesota: Somali-Americans stepping into small storefronts to send money to family halfway around the world.