Ghost gun case goes to MN Supreme Court

In Minnesota, the simple possession of a firearm without a serial number is a crime. As It's a statute police have increasingly leveraged to target ghost guns. However, this week the Minnesota Supreme Court will hear arguments on a case that challenges the validity of the state law.

FOX 9 Investigators: The Flaw

Advocates for victims of sexual abuse say a teacher’s recent arrest is now exposing a flaw in the state’s mandated reporting requirements.

Minnesota Marijuana: Inside the emerging world of homegrown weed

A bookshelf covers an entire wall in Bob Walloch’s Minneapolis home. From floor to ceiling, it’s filled with popular novels, art pieces and family photos. However, with one swift pull, Walloch reveals a hidden passageway to his personal crop of homegrown marijuana.

Minneapolis PD has paid $300K to confidential informants but how reliable are they?

The use of confidential informants by the Minneapolis Police Department is a program that operates largely in secret. The FOX 9 Investigators have learned MPD has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to confidential informants in recent years. However, it’s unclear how effective and reliable they are.