Walk For Animals: Meet Petunia

Trisha and Chad Severson, along with their dog, Petunia, talk about how important their pet is in their lives and how Animal Humane Society helped make it a reality. Petunia arrived at AHS with a severe ear infection, which required removal of her ears.

Why we Walk For Animals

Janelle Dixon, President and CEO of Animal Humane Society, shares the mission of the annual Walk For Animals.

Join us for 2022's Walk for Animals with the Animal Humane Society

It's time to get walking with your favorite furry, feathered, or scaly friend! We're proud to partner with the Animal Humane Society for this year's Walk for Animals. To celebrate and start the countdown, we welcomed a beautiful trio of kittens on Good Day. Register for the April 30th event at walkforanimalsmn.org

What you need to know before adopting a puppy

National puppy day is coming up on March 23rd. If you're thinking about adopting a pup, there's a lot to consider. Mary Tan with the Animal Humane Society brought a few puppies to the studio to help us learn what we need to know before bringing a fur ball home.

Hop to it! What you need to know about adopting a pet rabbit

Rabbits can make great family pets, but it's important to be aware of their care needs before adopting. From enrichment to companionship, there's a lot to consider about bunnies. The Animal Humane Society's Sarah Bhimani joined the FOX 9 Morning News with what you need to know about adopting a rabbit.

How to (slowly) introduce a new pet to your squad

If you're looking to add a second pet to your pack, it's important to make the proper introductions. Liv Hagen from the Animal Humane Society stopped by the Buzz with advice on making sure the transition happens smoothly.

How to get your puppy through the "terrible twos"

The terrible twos are not just for human children, puppies hit a few challenges as well. Liv Hagen from the Animal Humane Society joined the Buzz to chat about a number of problems that dog owners may encounter as their puppy becomes an adult.