Apple River stabbing trial, Delta flight emergency landing: Week in Review

A video shown in the Apple River stabbing trial reveals what happened moments before the stabbing occurred. A Delta flight has an emergency landing after a windshield gets a crack in it. The Apple River stabbing trial gets underway. Here's this week's top stories from March 30-April 5. 

1. Apple River stabbing trial: Video of deadly fight shown in court

**WARNING: Be aware, the video attached below shows gruesome and violent moments from the stabbing.**

As witness testimony began on April 1 in the trial of Nicolae Miu, the man charged with homicide in the stabbing on the Apple River in Wisconsin in 2022, the court reviewed a video that showed the deadly moments during the stabbing. 

The video shows the confrontation between Miu and two groups of tubers on the river leading up to and during the July 2022 stabbing that injured four people and left a Stillwater teen dead. It doesn't show exactly what preceded the confrontation, but rather the moments as the verbal altercation escalated into a fight and then eventually a stabbing.

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2. Delta flight makes emergency landing at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

File photo of a Delta airplane. (Photographer: Bing Guan/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

A Delta flight from Denver to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) had to make an emergency landing at the airport due to a crack in the outer windshield on March 30. 

According to a spokesperson from Delta, the crew for Delta flight 1736 from Denver to Minneapolis descended to a lower altitude "out of an abundance of caution" to check a possible maintenance issue. 

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3. Apple River stabbing trial Day 1; graphic video released

The trial of Nicolae Miu, the man accused of the deadly stabbing on the Apple River in Wisconsin in 2022, began April 1 with jury selection, opening statements, and the state's first two witnesses. 

Nicolae Miu, 54, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide and multiple counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide that could send him to prison for life if he is convicted. He is accused of killing Stillwater, Minnesota, native 17-year-old Isaac Schuman and wounding four others on July 30, 2022. 

You can watch the trial at, on FOX LOCAL and on FOX 9's YouTube channel

4. Twin Cities travelers left behind in Miami on overbooked cruise

A group of Twin Cities cruise passengers were left at the terminal in March, watching as the ship left without them. 

They blame the travel agent, who blames Carnival Cruise Lines. But Carnival puts it back on the agent.

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5. Here's how much money Minnesotans need to make to buy a median-priced home

File photo of a sold sign at a home.  (FOX 9)

A new study from Bankrate shows that in about half of the states in the U.S., residents need to make six figures to afford a median-priced home. But how does Minnesota compare? 

According to the study, Minnesotans currently need an annual income of $91,886 to afford a median-priced home of $323,900 and an average mortgage payment of $2,144. 

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6. Slot player hits jackpot three times in a row and walks away with massive pay out

U.S. one hundred dollar bills. (Photo by Matias Baglietto/NurPhoto via Getty Images) (Getty Images)

A guest at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas won the jackpot on a slot machine three times in one night.

Officials with Caesars Entertainment announced the big win in a press release, obtained by KVVU.

The player hit a $125,000 jackpot around 9:30 p.m. on March 26, followed by another jackpot of $383,500 at 10:58 p.m.

Around 12:27 a.m. on March 27, the player struck gold for a third time and won a $159,250 jackpot.

7. Emergency room worker hurt in stabbing at Willmar hospital

File photo police lights (FOX 9)

An emergency room worker in Willmar, Minn. was seriously hurt after being stabbed by a patient on April 1, law enforcement said.

Willmar police responded around 11:30 a.m. on reports of a combative patient undergoing treatment for a mental health issue. When officers arrived to the emergency room, they learned the patient, a 31-year-old man, had pulled a knife and attacked a worker.

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8. Conjoined twin Abby Hensel, of TLC's 'Abby & Brittany,' is now married, reports say

Conjoined twin Abby Hensel, who rose to fame alongside sister Brittany on the TLC reality series "Abby & Brittany," is married, according to reports. 

The former reality star, 34, quietly married nurse and U.S. Army veteran Josh Bowling in 2021, according to public records obtained by Today and reported this week.

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9. Uber and Lyft leaving Minneapolis: 6 apps looking to replace them

Uber and Lyft are set to end their services in Minneapolis once a new ordinance takes effect. Six apps are looking to move in. 

Last month, Uber and Lyft said they would stop service in Minneapolis starting May 1, after the city council approved a new ordinance giving a pay raise to drivers.

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10. St. Paul police: 11-year-old shot in head; 2 arrested including 13-year-old

An 11-year-old boy was taken to the hospital after he was shot in the head in St. Paul on March 29. Officers then arrested a 13-year-old girl who they suspect to be responsible for the shooting.

A 34-year-old man has been charged in relation to the incident. 

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