Limited time tours at renovated Pillsbury Castle

For the last year, work has been ongoing to preserve and restore a historic Minneapolis home. Two local entrepreneurs purchased the Pillsbury Mansion in 2023 and brought in 30 designers to furnish the 10,000 sq ft home. The home will be open for tours from July 12-28, and then the owners will move into the home. For more history on the house and to purchase tickets, visit

No AC at Falcon Heights apartment building

Residents at a Falcon Heights apartment building are suffering as their air-conditioning has been broken for months, with no fix ahead of the hottest days of the year. To make matters worse, the windows in the apartment of one resident don't open.

Average long-term US mortgage rate hovers near 7%

The average 30-year fixed loan was 7.08% this week, according to Bankrate’s latest survey of large lenders. Here’s what a monthly mortgage payment at the current rate would look like.