15 more people charged in Minneapolis July 4th fireworks mayhem

Fifteen more people are now charged with crimes including rioting for causing mayhem in Dinkytown during Fourth of July celebrations.

The list of people that were charged on Wednesday includes:

  • Hussein Abdi Jama, 20, of St. Paul
  • Zakaria Ahmed Jama, 21, of Boston, Mass.
  • Milkias Ghirmai Ghidei, 18, of Boston, Mass.
  • Ahmed Adan Mohamed, 20, of Cottage Grove
  • Mohamedamin Ali Nur, 21, of Maplewood (also charged with fleeing officers)
  • Ridwan Rage Sallah, 19, of Lakeville
  • Abdirahman Yusuf Ahmed, 20, of Minneapolis (also charged with fleeing officers)
  • Abdirahman Mohamed Ali, 21, of St. Paul
  • Said Kamal Salah, 19, of Minneapolis
  • Rudwan Abdirisaq Hassan, 20, of Malden, Mass.
  • Dawit Getenet Tessema, 18, of Burnsville
  • Mahamed Youssuf Dahir, 22, of St. Paul (also charged with fleeing officers)
  • John Mokaya Nyakango, 18, of Shakopee
  • Mohamed Osman Ahmed, 19, of Minneapolis (also charged with fleeing officers)
  • Charles Vincent Houska, 18, of Andover (also charged with fleeing officers)

A firework explodes in the direct vicinity of a police squad along 14th Avenue SE in Minneapolis. (Supplied)

All of the suspects are charged with riot. Some, as noted above, face charges for running away from police.

On Tuesday, FOX 9 reported on charges against five people related to incidents on the Fourth of July.

Most of the suspects above were part of the group causing trouble in Dinkytown that we reported on previously.

Mohamed Ahmed and Houska were part of a crew firing off fireworks at people and police near 4th Street Southeast and 14th Avenue Southeast. Police say both men tried to run away from police but got caught. During the chase, the charges state that Houska tossed his backpack, but officers found it with firecrackers inside -- which police said he had earlier thrown at officers.

Tessema and Nyakango were in a car with two other unnamed minors. That group was spotted by a police drone firing off fireworks on 12th Avenue Southeast near 6th Street Southeast. Police say the group then got into the car and then started shooting fireworks toward people walking by.

The arrests came as Minneapolis police ramped up security around the city's fireworks display on Boom Island. Much of the trouble happened in and around the Dinkytown area. Even Chief Brian O'Hara was out among officers dodging fireworks and trying to corral troublemakers during the July 4 mayhem.