Minneapolis PD releases new video of firework chaos in Dinkytown on July 4

Several people are now charged for causing trouble in Dinkytown on the 4th of July. Many were seen setting off fireworks and throwing them at people and cars.

Tuesday, some of those people made their first court appearances. Minneapolis police also released more videos of what they experienced the night of July 4th as commercial fireworks were thrown at their squads.

Of the couple dozen people who were arrested on Friday, five were held in jail through the weekend. They are now formally charged with second-degree felony riot, including:

  • 22-year-old Sharif Jimale of Lewiston, Maine
  • 22-year-old Abdifatah Bare, also of Lewiston
  • 21-year-old Ahmed Dudeyeh of Clarkston, Georgia
  • 18-year-old Zakaria Umar of St. Paul
  • 20-year-old Abdihakim Aden of Minneapolis, who’s also charged with fleeing police

The complaints list eleven other co-defendants who had been booked and released. Hennepin County is now charging them by summons to appear in court.

"We’re most concerned about this really, really dangerous and just stupid behavior of shooting them at random people," said Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara.

On Friday, Chief O’Hara announced the initial arrests, explaining how similar problems over the past two 4th of July holidays led to several serious injuries, prompting a larger response this year.

The complaints say police and the State Patrol initially cleared a group of hundreds of people in Dinkytown. They later learned of another group not far away, observed by drone, shooting commercial-grade fireworks at people and cars.

O’Hara mentioned there were several close calls for officers, including himself, as fireworks were thrown at them and their squads.

"I don’t think I have to tell you, but throwing fireworks at people, throwing fireworks at cars with people in them, is extremely dangerous," said Chief O’Hara.