Shooting over shoes in Richfield leaves one hospitalized

A shooting in Richfield that authorities believe stemmed from a potential shoe sale has left one in the hospital.

At around 11:37 p.m. on Jan. 1, 2023, a 22-year-old man was shot near Donaldson Park in Richfield, police say, sustaining a wound to his abdomen. He was privately transported to a hospital, where he remains hospitalized in stable condition.

According to police, it appears the victim had gone to the park after arranging a meet-up to buy a pair of shoes on social media. During the transaction, the suspect shot the victim and then stole his personal items.

Officers believed the incident involved several suspects that then fled the scene in a passenger car. The vehicle and suspects have not yet been located, according to police.

Sunday night's shooting is similar to another robbery in November, when 17-year-old Yaseen Johnson thought he was going to buy a high-end pair of shoes but was shot dead in cold blood instead, according to authorities. 

The uptick in recent robberies over marketplace listings has led authorities to warn the public about safe practices before meeting a stranger to conduct a sale.