Crookston police officer involved in 2 deadly shootings weeks apart

The Minnesota BCA says the same Crookston police officer was involved in two separate deadly shootings over less than two months in the city.

According to a release from the Minnesota BCA on Tuesday, Officer Nick Fladland fired shots during a deadly shooting at a homeless shelter on June 30.

Investigators say Officer Fladland, Officer Corey Rich, and Polk County Deputy April Hansen all responded to the report of a fight at the shelter at 220 East 3rd Street shortly before midnight.

According to the BCA, one man – later identified as 44-year-old Christopher Junkin – was destroying items within the shelter when authorities arrived. Officers ordered him to stop and surrender. During the encounter, both officers and Deputy Hansen fired their Tasers.

But, ultimately, the BCA says "officers and deputies backed down a hallway and Junkin followed them" and, ultimately, Fladland fired his service weapon, striking Junkin.

First responders tried to revive Junkin but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shooting came a little more than six weeks after Officer Fladland fired shots in another deadly encounter in Crookston on May 16.

In that incident, Officer Fladland along with Officer Alex Rudnik and Deputy Matt Benge encountered 35-year-old Andrew Dale walking along a road carrying a hatchet around 1 a.m.

When the police approached Dale, they say he charged at them, still holding the hatchet. Rudnik and Benge both used less-lethal means to try and subdue Dale but the BCA says they didn't work. Officer Fladland ultimately fired his service handgun, hitting Dale multiple times.

Dale was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

Officer Fladland was placed on leave after the shooting. It's unclear when he was cleared to return to service. FOX 9 has reached out to Crookston police for a timeline of Officer Fladland's return.

Both shootings were captured on video and are being reviewed by the BCA.

The BCA will submit its investigation to the Polk County Attorney's Office, which will ultimately determine if Officer Fladland was justified in his use of force for each incident.

The BCA says Officer Fladland has again been placed on leave after the June shooting.