Minneapolis May Day celebrates worker rights and artistic expression

May Day is a day for the working class to take to the streets and march. It’s celebrated by workers around the globe, bringing protests and celebrations together for 24 hours of activism.

"It means a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage," William Lundblad of St. Paul said.

The day is also an opportunity for the art community to come together. On Sunday, floats, bikes and dinosaurs took over Bloomington Avenue all the way to Powderhorn Park.

"Every year this is one of my favorite days of the year," Lundblad said. "May Day is awesome, I love May Day."

Hundreds of people were out to take part in the fun at one of the largest spring celebrations the Twin Cities has to offer. But many out on Sunday feel there is still some ways to go in protecting workers’ rights around the Twin Cities.

"Unions and pay and insurance and making sure that everybody has healthcare," Kat Corrigan of Minneapolis said. "We’re all workers, workers have every right to make a living."