Man wounded in Minneapolis shootout that killed firefighter charged with riot

The scene of the shooting on Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis. (FOX 9)

A second man is criminally charged for a Minneapolis shootout that took the life of an Eagan and Eden Prairie firefighter earlier this month. 

Dallas Antonio Villarreal-Griffin, 27, of Columbia Heights, is charged with second-degree riot after investigators say he was shot in the leg during the exchange of gunfire. He was arrested Friday, May 17, and admitted to firing a "ghost gun" at an opposing group during the shootout, according to a criminal complaint. 

His alleged associate, 28-year-old Marquise Trevone Hammonds-Ford, of Monticello, was arrested and charged on May 14. 

The shootout resulted in the death of Eagan and Eden Prairie firefighter Joseph Johns, who was directing traffic at the time and caught in the crossfire, according to court documents. 

Minneapolis police say they responded to reports of a shooting around 12:30 a.m. on May 5 near Whiskey Junction Bar. Officers then found bystanders performing CPR on Johns, who died despite first responders taking over life-saving measures.

Investigators determined that the shooting happened between two groups and that both Villarreal-Griffin and Hammonds-Ford were part of the group that instigated the shooting.

There were "hundreds" of people gathering at the bar before the shooting to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of a motorcycle club, according to the complaint.

Court documents state that across the street from the bar, Villarreal-Griffin was among the group of people "acting in concert with each other to intimidate and/or antagonize" the people at the bar by brandishing guns, making gestures and yelling provocative statements.

Hammonds-Ford allegedly fired the first round of shots, which prompted people from both groups to start shooting.

Investigators say they have not determined which person fired the shots that killed Johns.

The complaint states that surveillance video shows Villarreal-Griffin, Hammonds-Ford and other people ran to a vehicle during the shooting. Villarreal-Griffin then took cover behind the vehicle’s rear-passenger door and fired "numerous shots" toward the opposing group. He then entered the vehicle, which then drove off. 

That same vehicle then arrived at the Hennepin County Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis several minutes later. Villarreal-Griffin then stepped out of the rear passenger seat and fell to the ground. Another man from the vehicle then jumped out and grabbed a wheelchair for Villarreal-Griffin. The vehicle sped off with Hammonds-Ford and at least one other person inside.

Investigators say that while in the hospital, Villarreal-Griffin denied any involvement in the shooting and refused to provide any further information.

After Villarreal-Griffin’s arrest, he admitted "that he participated in the armed confrontation and the subsequent shootout between the groups" as well as possessing a 9mm "ghost gun" that he held in his hand while taunting the other group before shooting at them with it, according to the complaint.

After being told that he may have been one of the people who killed Johns, Villarreal-Griffin said he did not know where the "ghost gun" was because he left it in the vehicle that dropped him off at the hospital.

Records show Villarreal-Griffin is in Hennepin County Jail as of Friday night and has a criminal history that includes criminal and civil cases related to active domestic violence and abuse cases.

Police say the investigation into the other people involved in the shooting continues.