Grieving mother calls for end to violence after 12-year-old boy killed in Minneapolis

Family identified the boy killed in a shooting in Minneapolis on Wednesday as 12-year-old London Michael Bean, a sixth grader. (Supplied)

Screams for the violence to stop followed yet another horrifying incident in Minneapolis where a child lost his life to senseless gun violence.

London Bean died after a shooting at Aldrich Avenue North and 8th Avenue North Wednesday afternoon following an argument that turned violent and ended with shots fired. The pain was very real Thursday and very raw for the mother of 12-year-old London Bean who returned to the spot where her son was shot and killed.

Her grief overwhelming and it seemed everyone there for London felt at least some part of her mixed emotions.

"London was not my child but he is OUR child," said Senator Bobby Joe Champion.

At the same time, state and city leaders, the NAACP and community leaders were not only screaming for an end to the gun violence and the killing of young children but they were all sharing the same message of reaching that goal by working together.

"This problem requires all hands on deck," said Champion.

"We got to work it together, we got to come together, but we can't do it if we're not working with law enforcement," added community activist Al Flowers. "I'm an activist, I've been doing it for many year and nobody can tell me no other thing – I know what we need."

"The message you’re hearing loud and clear is that we need all of us," concluded Mayor Jacob Frey.

But, for the moment, the community will hold a hand, offer a hug, and give support where it’s needed the most.

As for the investigation into the shooting, we're told Minneapolis police are making progress and things are moving in the right direction but so far there has been no arrest.