Former Sartell Police Chief dies after bike collision with car

Bob Ringstrom prior to his retirement with the Sartell Police Department. (Supplied)

A former police chief for the Sartell Police Department died over the weekend as a result of a bicycle crash.

The St. Joseph Police Department continues to investigate the fatal incident that occurred between a motor vehicle and a bicycle on June 14, around 7 p.m. on County Road 75 involving former chief Bob Ringstrom.

In a social media post by the Sartell PD, Ringstrom was remembered fondly, while being credited with creating officer assignments inside Sartell schools.

"Although I never had the honor of working with Chief Ringstrom, his legacy and influence live on not only because of the officers he mentored that still serve the city of Sartell, but also through the high bar he set for professionalism and in the programs he built for our city," current Sartell PD Chief Brandon Silgjord said in a statement to FOX 9. "I am honored to serve in the same capacity and hold the same responsibilities that he and several others before me have carried out so adroitly"

Ringstrom joined the department in 1990 and served until his retirement in 2004.