Fewer abortions performed in Minnesota in 2021, MDH says

The number of abortions performed in Minnesota dipped slightly in 2021, according to data provided by the Minnesota Department of Health. 

In 2021, 10,136 abortions were performed, MDH's report, which was released Friday, July 1, shows. That's down from 2020 when 10,339 were performed. 

In 1980, there were 19,028 abortions in Minnesota. With 10,136 in 2021, that’s a 46.7% decrease in abortions.

Minnesota residents made up 9,127 of the abortions in Minnesota in 2021, while 1,009 were from women who lived out of state. This means 90% of abortions in Minnesota came from Minnesota residents and 10% from non-Minnesota residents. Women traveled from Iowa (56 abortions) Michigan (20 abortions), North Dakota (84 abortions), South Dakota (158 abortions) and Wisconsin (634 abortions), as well as 57 from other states, to obtain abortions in Minnesota, MDH data show. 

The number of people traveling to Minnesota for an abortion is expected to increase in wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

Other findings in MDH's abortion report

  • 70% of abortions (7,144) in Minnesota in 2021 were done at a Planned Parenthood facility
  • 55% of abortions in Minnesota came from 20- to 29-year-olds
  • 15% (1,486) of abortions in Minnesota involved married women
  • 45% of abortions in Minnesota involved white women, 27% involved Black women (Minnesota's population is 82% white and 7% black)
  • In 68.9% (6,975) of abortions, the fetus was 9 weeks or younger
  • In 94% of abortions, the fetus was 15 weeks or younger
  • Only one abortion came after 24 weeks of pregnancy (it was at 25 weeks). Zero were at 26 weeks or older
  • At 6 weeks was the most common time when a woman had an abortion in Minnesota, totaling 2,157 abortions (21.5%)
  • 60% of the women who had an abortion in Minnesota have given birth before, 80% had never had a miscarriage and for 59% it was their first time having an abortion 
  • Three or more abortions in their life: that was the case for only 7% of women who had an abortion in Minnesota in 2021. For 93% of women, this was their first, second or third time.
  • One physician performed 1,322 abortions in 2021

The data used in the study was submitted by physicians over a secured website.