Roe v. Wade: Minnesota becomes 'abortion island' throughout Midwest

After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Minnesota is now a Midwestern island of sorts for abortion services.

Currently, there are eight providers in the state, but there could soon be one more.

On Tuesday, North Dakota's attorney general ordered the state's only abortion provider, The Red River Women's Clinic, to shut down by the end of July.

The clinic has already announced plans to move across state lines from Fargo to Moorhead and has raised nearly $800,000 as of Tuesday afternoon with a GoFundMe page.

Attorney General Keith Ellison spoke to FOX 9 from the White House, where he was speaking with officials about reproductive rights. 

He reaffirmed his commitment to protect the rights of those seeking abortion services in Minnesota.

"In many ways, we are an island of human rights for people... if any state tries to prosecute a woman or any prosecutor tries to prosecute a woman or a provider for doing what is legal in Minnesota, the Attorney General's office in Minnesota won't stand by idly. We will intervene," said Ellison.

Providers will also be protected, as long as they are operating within the scope of their license and adhere to abortion guidelines established by state law.