Historic, all-female St. Paul City Council elected by voters

For the first time in history, St. Paul residents have voted for a city council comprised of all female representatives.

After final vote tabulations, all seven wards in St. Paul will be embodied by "women from diverse racial, cultural and religious backgrounds… making it the youngest, most progressive and most diverse in St. Paul’s history," according to a press release announcement of the final results Friday evening.

Representatives elected include Anika Bowie (Ward 1), Rebecca Noecker (Ward 2), Saura Jost (Ward 3), Mitra Jalali (4), Hwa Jeong Kim (Ward 5), Nelsie Yang (Ward 6) and Cheniqua Johnson (Ward 7). They will assume official duties in January.

According to a press release, "St. Paul voters united, and through thousands of volunteer hours and grassroots donations, elected a diverse, progressive new Council for our city."

Ward 1 proved especially contentious, going through four rounds of total tabulation as ranked choice voting saw second and third-choice ballots come into play.