9-year-old Minneapolis girl writes inspirational children's book after witnessing death of George Floyd

After witnessing the death of George Floyd, a 9-year-old girl is ready to put pen to paper.

Judeah Reynolds is teaming up with a St. Paul publisher to write a children's book about her painful experience. The fourth grader hopes that her story inspires change.

"I was a brave girl," Judeah said.

The fourth grader was with her cousin when they encountered George Floyd in police custody. Her cousin recorded the cellphone video now seen around the world, and for Judeah, the images are hard to escape.

"Every time I dream about it, I tell my mom and she gives me hugs," she said. 

Seeking comfort in difficult times, she is finding inspiration through a new children’s book based on the life of Cameron, a Black girl with autism who lives in Minnesota.

"She saw a little girl who looked like her, and that made her realize that it’s possible," said Lily Coyle with Beaver's Pond Press. 

With the help of Cameron's mother, Sheletta Brundidge and a St. Paul publisher, Judeah is now working on a book of her own.

"I think that her gift to other children is that through her eyes we can process this, and we can give other kids a tool to understand why did this happen and how we can make sure it never happens again," she said. "I think stories is how we heal."

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