Meet Minnesota's snowplows: Betty Whiteout, Ctrl Salt Delete, Scoop Dogg

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Betty Whiteout (MNDOT)

The Minnesota Department of Transportation unveiled the state's newly named snowplows Thursday morning.

The snowplows got a makeover soon after the contest results were revealed last month. The creative names were submitted, voted and handpicked by more than 59,000 Minnesotans across the state in the "Name a Snowplow" contest. 

Every region of Minnesota has a snowplow with a unique name picked by Minnesotans:

  • Blizzard of Oz in northwest Minnesota
  • No More Mr. Ice Guy in northeast Minnesota
  • The Big Leplowski in west central Minnesota
  • Scoop Dogg in central Minnesota
  • Plowasaurus Rex in the Twin Cities metro
  • Betty Whiteout in southwest Minnesota
  • Ctrl Salt Delete in south central Minnesota
  • Edward Blizzardhands in southeast Minnesota

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Minnesotans rejoice! The new MnDOT plow names for 2022 are in