Minnesotans rejoice! The new MnDOT plow names for 2022 are in

It’s official! The newest MnDOT plow names are in. 

So who will be joining F. Salt Fitzgerald, Duck Duck Orange Truck, and Snowbi Wan Kenobi in clearing the state's roads during our next storm?

More than 59,000 people voted (choosing up to eight names) in this year’s Name a Snowplow Contest and the top eight new plow names are:

Betty Whiteout (40,024 votes)

Ctrl Salt Delete (21,372 votes)

The Big Leplowski (17,478 votes) (Additional ed. Note: I voted for this name and think it’s the best one!)

Plowasaurus Rex (13,209 votes)

Scoop Dog (13,144 votes)

Blizzard of Oz (12,742 votes)

No More Mr. Ice Guy (11,198 votes)

Edward Blizzardhands (10,664)

Over 22,000 names were submitted this year. The only notable absence was the brilliantly named Mr. Plow whose 7,339 votes placed it 19th in most votes.

Better luck next year to all those whose name wasn't chosen.