One-of-a-kind business: New Rules

A laid off Target engineer has just opened a very unique business in Minneapolis.

Chris Webley took his savings, his severance package and his investments to help redevelop a historic building in North Minneapolis and open New Rules.

It's a 4,000 foot, three room space on Lowry and Newton Avenue North and host independent employees, events and retailers.

A survey from the community showed they wanted the building to address education, economic and health and wellness disparities.

Chris was a fabric engineer when he got laid off from Target, now he needs resources and equipment to help others start their own business.

Webley says, "As a textile engineer, I worked at Victoria’s Secret.  I remember tons of young kids coming through the lab I worked in and they were real curious about what I studied.  So the idea is, we give people a new opportunity.  I didn't even know textile engineering existed if I hadn't gone to college."

Martasia Person is an aspiring fashion designer.  Her clothing line is called Bold Maniere and she has a Fashion Show at New Rules on November 27th.

She grew up in a single parent home and got into fights at Southwest high school.

Her track coach showed her that fashion was her outlet.  She went on to college and got fashion training in Los Angeles. Now she's back to give to her community.

Person says "It took one person to believe in me and show me that art was my release and that's what we lack in this community we need more leadership to show people there are positive outlets in order to express ourselves."

Bruce Leroy Williams is a yoga instructor at New Rules and is excited to use this space to teach people how to focus on their physical and mental health with yoga.

To learn about his classes check out

The city of Minneapolis gave New Rules a grant to help revitalize the building.  Now, they are looking for financial help, volunteers, app developers, managers and more.

You can check out for more information.