Why cohabitation might be better than marriage

According to U.S. Census data, more Americans than ever are choosing to live with their partner but not get married. The Love Engineer Alex Merritt explains why cohabitation can be a better choice for many couples.

'39 Seconds' honors life of one of the best baseball players in the world

'39 Seconds' explores a forgotten piece of American history. With a cast of Minnesota acting talent, the film tells the true-life story of one of the greatest baseball players in the world, John Wesley Donaldson. Director Paul Irmiter and co-director Kevin West joined FOX 9 Good Day to chat about the film and their upcoming screening at the Capri Theater.

Former Gopher coach Pam Borton on new book 'The Crooked Rim'

Pam Borton led the Gopher Women's Basketball Team to the Final Four, becoming the winningest head coach in program history. She's since moved from training college athletes to corporate leaders and she's out with a new book, hoping to inspire everyone. Pam joined Good to chat about "The Crooked Rim".

What gardening insiders say will be trending for 2022

There are a lot of green thumbs in town! The Northern Green Expo is happening downtown Minneapolis. It's a private conference for gardening professionals to learn about what's trending in Minnesota for 2022. Garden Guy Dale K takes us inside.

Eye-catching ice sauna installed at Minneapolis restaurant

Heat, cold, rest, rehydrate and repeat. That’s the perfect sauna formula for those testing out a new urban ice sauna. The Freehouse, a restaurant known for its beer and breakfast, has turned it’s patio into a unique sauna experience in the heart of the North Loop neighborhood. They’ve teamed up with Cedar + Stone Nordic Sauna of Duluth to install a traditional cedar sauna and an ice sauna. The experience also includes Nordic-inspired cocktails and charcuterie from The Freehouse.

Dry January tips and tricks from the Sober Sallys

Dry January is becoming a huge yearly trend, but giving up alcohol for the month can be a real challenge. The co-founders behind "Sober Sallys", Chelsey Noack & Mary Jackson, joined Good Day with tips to making your dry January a success.

AmeriCorps members needed to support Afghan refugees in Minnesota

ServeMinnesota is launching a Refugee Response Initiative to aid more than 700 Afghanistan refugees headed to Minnesota. The program is looking for about 40 people to join AmeriCorps and help these refugees get settled in the state. Alana Stimes from ServeMinnesota joined FOX 9 to chat about how you can get involved.

Three strategies to clean off your desk

It's time to tackle that growing mound of stuff... growing on your desk. Louise Kurzeka from Everything's Together joined Good Day with three strategies to clean off your desk.