Why Captain Munnerlyn is 1 Mankato girl's hero

When you live in Mankato, it's hard to not be fans of the purple and gold, like the Schwartfagers. Life has been far from smooth sailing for this Vikings family, but one player in particular is captaining an effort to help their little girl.

Grace was born at 24 weeks old, and her bond with No. 24  Captain Munnerlyn goes far beyond fanhood. The Vikings cornerback actually had a similar story, and now, 10-year-old Grace got the chance to visit him at training camp, play catch with her hero and score some gear.

Grace's parents, however, might have taken away the best souvenir of all.

"He was just awesome and he is an inspiration to any kid with delays to show they can do something with their lives,” her mom Jennifer Schwartfager said.

Grace's mother is now writing a book on caring for a premature baby and you can find out more on their website www.lifewithgracebook.com