Takeaways: Gophers lose at Iowa, 23-19

The dream of an undefeated regular season came to an end for the University of Minnesota football team in a 23-19 loss at Iowa on Saturday. But they're still very much alive for the Big Ten West title.

Kirk Cousins helps Vikings honor 'Community Captains' fresh off comeback victory

On the first day of his bye week, QB Kirk Cousins helped the Vikings honor their "Community Captains." They are five high school football players who have made a difference on and off the field mentoring others in their communities. Cousins reflected on his high school football years and talked about what it meant for the team to get that victory Sunday afternoon.

Vikings mount 2nd half comeback on home field, beat the Broncos 27-23

The Minnesota Vikings erased a 20-0 halftime deficit with touchdowns on each of their four drives in the second half, fending off the Denver Broncos by forcing three straight incomplete passes in the end zone over the final 10 seconds to preserve a 27-23 victory on Sunday.

Steelers-Browns game ends in helmet-swinging brawl

Thursday night's game may go down as a win for the Cleveland Browns, but a brawl in the closing seconds of the matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the most talked about moment of the game.