Vikings Cousins jerseys hit the shelves

About an hour after Kirk Cousins was introduced as the new quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, his jersey was rushed into official team stores both at U.S. Bank Stadium and inside the Mall of America.

Trent Edberg of Bloomington contemplated buying one.

“I’m getting to be a fan,” said Edberg. “I watched the interview today and it was pretty cool, so I like how he’s down to earth, very Minnesota-like and I think he’ll fit in well.”

But 10-year-old Logan Danielson from Andover isn't quite sold on Cousins. He was in the market for an Adam Thielen shirt and was also hoping to get a Case Keenum jersey on sale, but there was none to be found.

“But at least we have Thielen,” said Danielson. “It’s a lot of money, hopefully he doesn’t get injured, but I think he’ll do a great job.”

And then walked in a Cheesehead, so of course, Fox 9 asked him what he thought of all the hype. He said he wasn't impressed.

But the idea of a fresh start and new energy for the Vikings is encouraging to Logan Ott, a Vikings fan from Iowa. He circled back to that Cousins jersey several times trying to decide if he should get on the band wagon. Finally, he brought it up to the counter as the first Vikings fan to purchase Cousin’s jersey at the Vikings Locker Room at the Mall of America.

“If the team is going to go all in on it, I guess I am too,” said Ott.