Vice President Pence promotes GOP candidates in Minneapolis, Hudson

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With the midterm elections just days away, candidates are getting out, fighting for more votes and pulling in some big names for support.

Vice President Mike Pence flew into the Twin Cities area today for just that. Pence stopped in Minneapolis and later attended a rally in Hudson, Wisconsin.

He went to Wisconsin, which just in the last few weeks had visits from President Trump and former President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

With three days to go, it was Vice President Pence's turn.

Air Force Two touched down at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Air Reserve Station and waiting for him on the tarmac was GOP Attorney General Candidate Doug Wardlow, who had a little Vikings pride for a true Minnesota welcome.

“He liked it very much,” Wardlow said of a Vikings jersey he gifted the Vice President. “He said he was a Fran Tarkenton fan and he told me he appreciated the gift.”

Pence also greeted and snapped selfies with members of the Air Force.

Meanwhile, in Hudson, supporters lined outside Valley Cartage for Pence’s next rally.

“Come to see the Vice President,” said David Miller, who attended the rally. “It’s not very often you get to walk down the street and see a sitting Vice President.”

“I think the historical aspects. I think people need to take advantage of these opportunities when they’re here because it doesn’t’ happen very often,” said Denise Munkelwitz, who also attended Saturday’s rally.

In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker faces a tight race against contender Tony Evers. The latest Marquette poll had the candidates tied.

“Really, it's a choice between tax cuts and tax hikes, it's a choice between open borders and stronger borders, stronger military and weaker America, the bottom line is between results and resistance and we need Wisconsin to choose more results, we need Wisconsin to choose four more years of Governor Scott Walker,” Pence told the crowd.

Ranging from job growth to trade reform, Pence threw his support behind Walker and other Wisconsin Republicans, encouraging voters bring their enthusiasm to the polls.

“I keep hearing about this blue wave, let's make sure the blue wave hits a red wall, right here in the Badger State,” Pence added.

After the Wisconsin rally, Pence traveled to Florida, another big battleground state for the midterms, but it all comes down to Tuesday to see if the high profile visits have paid off.