Twin Cities realtor uses Bernie Sanders meme in listing of Brooklyn Park home

A Twin Cities realtor added the Sen. Bernie Sanders meme to one of the listing photos of a home in Brooklyn Park. (The Derrick Monroe Group)

A Twin Cities realtor is capitalizing on the popular Sen. Bernie Sanders mittens meme to get the word out on his latest listing.

The photo, which shows the senator dressed for the chilly elements at the inauguration, has gone viral on the internet. Many people have photoshopped the image of Sanders into other places and situations for comedic effect. 

Realtor Derrick Monroe said he thought it would be funny to put his own spin on the meme. In one of his listing photos for a Brooklyn Park home, Monroe decided to digitally add Sanders onto the patio.

It looks like his big idea is paying off.

After just one day on the market, the home has already a half dozen offers.