Police chase leads to Edina hospital after deadly shooting of teen in Chanhassen

An 18-year-old woman is booked on preliminary homicide charges Thursday night after she allegedly shot and killed her 17-year-old friend in Carver County.

Sheriff’s detectives are investigating after friends drove the victim to a hospital about 13 miles from where he was shot.

Police first spotted trouble on Highway 212 right around 2:30 a.m.

Highway cameras show the flashing lights of a squad car catching up to a sedan near Shady Oak in Eden Prairie.

"Eden Prairie police attempted to make a traffic stop and they didn’t stop," said Carver County Sheriff Jason Kamerud. "They drove straight to the hospital and it was actually Eden Prairie police who discovered the decedent in the vehicle."

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Sheriff Kamerud says his detectives are still gathering details, but they know the group of four or five people drove to the hospital from Chanhassen.

Four of them from the East Metro area had gone to meet up with someone at a home on Conestoga Trail.

"One of the parties in the vehicle — an adult female who we have since arrested — shot the victim," the sheriff said.

When police tracked down the car at the hospital, officers found the 17-year-old victim, two witnesses, and the 18-year-old woman sheriff’s deputies later booked on a second-degree homicide charge.

Detectives gathered evidence at the Chanhassen house where the group had gone and at the hospital in Edina.

They say the witnesses have cooperated and they’ll check the car soon to corroborate their stories.

Sheriff Kamerud says the boy’s death is a tragedy, but a rare one in Carver County.

"This is just not something that happens here," he said.

Neighbors agreed. They told FOX 9 the area is usually quiet and everybody knows each other.

Detectives interviewed several people on their block, but the neighbors who talked to us didn’t wake up because of the shooting. They woke up to police cars on their street.

Detectives haven’t publicly identified the victim yet and they’ll release more information about the suspect on Friday, although it’ll probably be next week before prosecutors file official charges.