Students injured in school bus crash on I-94 in Hudson, Wisconsin

Multiple Wisconsin middle school students suffered minor injuries after their school bus crashed with a tanker truck on Interstate 94 on Thursday morning. 

Wisconsin State Patrol Sgt. Josh Maurer said the crash happened around 10:30 a.m. on the Hudson side of the I-94 bridge. There was merging traffic due to construction lane closures, and as a car suddenly slowed, the school bus rear-ended an empty tanker. 

Eight people reportedly suffered minor injuries, and two students were transported to the hospital for further evaluation, according to the State Patrol. The Eau Claire School District added those transported to the hospital involved one with a cut lip which may require stitches, and the other was for precaution. 

At the time of the collision, two school buses were taking DeLong Middle School students for a field trip to the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis. Only one bus was involved in the crash. Traffic cameras showed students standing on the grass beside the road while first responders evaluated the scene. 

The school district said arrangements were made for another bus to pick up the students and be transported to a rest area until a replacement bus could bring the students back to the school Thursday afternoon.