Sources: Federal grand jury looking into Derek Chauvin case

Sources familiar with the details and participants in the Derek Chauvin case say a federal grand jury has been meeting to look into civil rights violations by the former Minneapolis Police officer.

A source tells FOX 9 that four Minneapolis Police Officers have been called in to testify about Chauvin, but they were not involved in the incident with George Floyd.

They are officers who have prior experience with Chauvin and internal affairs cases. The officers are not being told what the case is about, but they believe prosecutors are trying to show a pattern of behavior with Chauvin.

Federal civil rights cases are often called "pattern and practices" cases because they look at the larger context of an individual’s conduct or department policies.

A source tells FOX 9 federal prosecutors are looking at Chauvin’s "entire history of employment."

Chauvin's legal team had no comment Tuesday.