Tom Lyden

Tom Lyden

Investigative Reporter

Tom Lyden has covered, and uncovered, some of the biggest stories in the Twin Cities in the last 26 years. His reports have led to new laws, put criminals behind bars, led to a politician's resignation, and a governor's open hostility.  

In the last few years, Tom has focused on in-depth reporting as part of the FOX 9 Investigators.  He uncovered a religious cult operating in Minnesota who’s leader, Victor Barnard, sexually assaulted his underage followers.  His reporting lead to an international manhunt for Barnard, resulting in his capture, conviction, and incarceration.  

His reporting on the mysterious death of conspiracy filmmaker David Crowley was also featured in a full length documentary.  

Tom is part of FOX 9’s "jump team" to cover news far from home.  He’s brought home stories to Minnesota viewers from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, the massacre at Virginia Tech, and the hunt for serial killer Andrew Cunanan in Miami.   

Tom has won more than 20 Regional Emmy Awards, and five Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for his reporting.  

Tom graduated from Lewis and Clark College (B.A. International Affairs) in Portland, OR., and he has a masters degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. 

He started his journalism career in newspapers at the Daily Star Progress in La Habra, CA.

Tom is an obsessive tennis fan and a moderately good player (3.8 USTA rating).  He lives in Minneapolis with his husband, Fred.  

The latest from Tom Lyden

From registered sex offender to church leader

Unknown to members of a southern Minnesota congregation until three years ago, one of its leaders was a lifetime registered sex offender from Utah, the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS).

Hedge fund profits from ashes of foreclosure

For Shanika Henderson the dream of owning her own home is on hold, but she can’t help wondering if her landlord took that dream away from her and hundreds of other potential home-owners in North Minneapolis.   

Watch for deer, and fire

The Fox 9 Investigators have confirmed five cases of Subaru Foresters which all started on fire after front-end collisions, three of which involved an animal, one including a Kangaroo. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is aware and is monitoring the situation.

No easy answers in debate on how to deal with repeat juvenile offenders in carjacking cases

Many young carjacking suspects are being let free by the justice system as fast as they are being arrested. Prosecutors, police and politicians are trying to figure out what to do next but are they all working together to come up with a cohesive plan to bring the problem under control? Tom Lyden reveals a void in the system that could be contributing to the revolving door.