Snowplow named after Taylor Swift in Washington County

Residents of Washington County were able to cast their votes on what to name two different snowplows – and haters of one of the winning names might need to Shake it Off.

According to the county, more than 1,000 name suggestions were submitted, and more than 2,000 votes were tallied.

Eight finalists were chosen for the final round of voting, including names such as SKOL Plow, Beast of the East, Plow Bunyan, Stillwinter, Plowabunga, Taylor Drift, Can’t Work From Home and Blizzard Wizzard.

The results showed a true Love Story among Taylor Swift fans – with Plowabunga coming in first place with 433 votes, and Taylor Drift second with 405 votes.

The contest was originally set to name one of the county’s plows, but due to the overwhelming number of suggestions, the decision was adjusted to name two after the names that received the most votes.

According to the county, Plowabunga will service the southern half of the county, whereas Taylor Drift will be located in the northern portion.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has opened voting for its own contest.