Freezing temps are finally winding down in the Twin Cities

After another shot of cold air this week, it feels like we may never break away from our frozen temperatures. However, as cold as it has felt over the last several weeks, there are signs that this may be it for frozen temps…at least in the Twin Cities. 

Warning: Big weather changes ahead in Minnesota

A very pleasant day is expected Monday and will easily be the nicest of the week, but the changes begin already on Tuesday. Clouds and showers arrive along with a big surge of moisture.

Twin Cities possible last measurable snow is right on target

As amazing as it may sound, our persistent dustings of snow this week have been...perfectly normal.  While the sheer number of hours that we've had flakes falling may be a bit unusual for this time of year, the sole fact that it's snowing at all is perfectly common. The Twin Cities snow season often lasts well into April and can get all the way through much of May... although May snow is far less common.

7 things to know about hail

It’s the one frozen precipitation that can occur in the middle of a summer heat wave: Hail. Here’s a list of seven facts you may not know about those little (or maybe not so little) pellets of ice: