First half of November shaping up to be the coldest since 1991

After one of the colder Halloweens in recent years, our arctic feel hasn’t really given up. With a persistent northerly flow in much of the central and eastern U.S. over the last couple of weeks, consistently ushering in air straight from northern Canada, it’s been a pretty bone chilling end to October and start to November. And now it looks like it will easily be the coldest first half of the month since that fateful Halloween blizzard in 1991. The most amazing part about that feat is that it’s been done with very little, if any snow on the ground.

Record cold possible Monday with some unusual lake effect snow

To say that the start of November has been cold is an understatement. Temperatures so far this month have been averaging nearly 9 degrees below average… and it’s about to get even colder. A true Arctic air mass will be pushing into the Upper Midwest on Sunday and will allow temperatures to plunge to levels rarely seen in the first half of the month. Potentially cold enough to set some record cold high temperatures.

Homeowners getting a headstart on ice dam prevention

Last winter's freezing temperatures and mounting snow created the perfect conditions for ice dams, the ridge of ice that can form along the edge of a roof that can cause serious damage. With winter around the corner, one ice dam removal expert says that prevention is key.

First flakes fly in the Twin Cities

While it certainly seems really early in the fall to already get some snowflakes in the Twin Cities, turns out, it’s not all that unusual.