Greenwood Fire seen from NOAA GOES-16 satellite

The Greenwood Fire as seen from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's GOES-16 satellite on Monday. The fire has since doubled in size and now covers nearly 19.500 acres. Video credit: NOAA

Temperatures compared to average

An arc of warmth is now developing across the U.S. taking hot temps from the Southwest, transporting them up and over a relative trough with slightly below average temperatures in the Southeast thanks to unsettled conditions. If this pattern persists, it could be a very warm dry summer for Minnesota.

Dew points will gradually rise in later half of this week

Humidity levels will gradually rise the next few days. We'll start toasty warm Thursday and ease into a bit more steamy warmth by the latter half of the weekend as dew points climb into the 60s. It won't be oppressive, but it will certainly feel uncomfortable.

Here comes the heat

Summer will get kicked into high gear as a ridge of heat moves from the West Coast into the Upper Midwest starting in earnest on Friday and going into next week. It's tough to know exactly how long it will last, but doesn't show much of a cool down through midweek.

Dew points rising over next few days

The Twin Cities will see rising dewpoints over the next few days as Gulf of Mexico moisture surges northward. It's gonna feel a lot more like summer around here starting Wednesday and going right through the weekend.

Summer-style humidity is coming

The Twin Cities are about to get their first taste of summer style warmth and humidity. As the Gulf of Mexico , opens up, moisture will surge northward pushing dewpoints into the 60s for the first time this year and may stick there into next week.