Homeowners getting a headstart on ice dam prevention

Last winter's freezing temperatures and mounting snow created the perfect conditions for ice dams, the ridge of ice that can form along the edge of a roof that can cause serious damage. With winter around the corner, one ice dam removal expert says that prevention is key.

First flakes fly in the Twin Cities

While it certainly seems really early in the fall to already get some snowflakes in the Twin Cities, turns out, it’s not all that unusual.

All time October record highs fall in the southeast

It has been a wild few weeks of weather across the country. The temperatures have been anything but steady here in Minnesota with 50s one day and 80s the next.  But for the southern and eastern U.S. wild swings in temperature haven’t been the story; it’s been the persistence of the summerlike heat.

Snow emergencies after first of two Minnesota snowstorms

So, far our one-two punch of snow heading into the weekend is right on schedule. Overnight Thursday into Friday, the Twin Cities metro saw 3 to 6 inches of snow. The snow stopped falling before the Friday morning commute, allowing MnDOT and county plows to get highways down to clear pavement.

Preparing for winter weather

Some schools in west central Minnesota took no chances with the winter weather and they called off classes earlier on Monday. Road crews deployed for one of the few times so far this season.