Storms cause damage across Midwest

Strong storms caused damage across the Midwest on Tuesday, from hail to funnel clouds and tornados. FOX 9's Kelly O'Connell has the details.

700 feet separates a dusting and a foot of snow in southeast Minnesota

Widespread snow decorated parts of far southeast Minnesota and much of Wisconsin on Tuesday night and early Wednesday, leading to a foot of fresh snow in some cases. But not all spots were created equal. Elevation ended up playing a huge factor in just how much stuck.

Warmer temperatures on the way

Minnesota will stay cloudy to mostly cloudy over the weekend ahead. Expect a mix of temperatures in the 30s to some 40s for the Twin Cities on Saturday. Easter Sunday is shaping up to stay cloudy with light winds, with the next chance of rain showers on Monday for the southern half of the state. Showers look to stay on the lighter side, and snow will continue to melt away with warmer temperatures arriving later next week.

Twin Cities road conditions following snowstorm

Roads conditions throughout the Twin Cities were slick early Monday following a snowstorm that dropped several inches of accumulation that hasn’t been seen much this winter. FOX 9’s Babs Santos provides a live look as city crews prepare for another morning storm on Tuesday.

Shifting storms presents shoveling conundrum

A spring storm spanning into this week has produced several inches of snow and Minnesota communities wondering whether they should be digging out the snow shovels, or hoping it will melt.

MN weather: Snow turns into rain Monday

Wet heavy snow will continue to fall this evening with occasional bursts of very heavy snow together with gusty east-northeast winds.