Sen. Klobuchar calls for increased airport security funding to ease long lines at MSP

Some say wait times at airport security are too long and a Minnesota Democratic leader claims it’s due to a need for increased funding.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is asking the feds to allocate more money to MSP so they can hire additional TSA workers.

Spring break travel, combined with Final Four tourism has made for a busy several weeks at MSP Airport.

With all that winding down, some say the focus needs to turn to shortfalls at security.

“It’s about the customer experience at the airport and, obviously, if you have a long wait line, we hear about it,” said Dan Boivan, of the Metropolitan Airport Commission.

Representatives with the MAC and the TSA Worker’s Union joined Klobuchar in calling for additional funding to hire more security screeners.

“If our airport is so good, everybody is using it, then you need to make sure you have enough security workers,” Klobuchar said Sunday. “We shouldn’t be punished for success.”

“The longer the lines get, the more the stress is on us because we aren’t quite staffed up to the level to handle the longer lines,” said Neal Gosman, of TSA Worker’s Union.

According to the MAC, the number of passengers coming through MSP every year has increased from 33.9 million in 2012 to 38 million in 2018.

Klobuchar claims the number of TSA workers has only decreased.

“We have to fix this disparity,” she said. “So, I thought after spring break and Final Four it’s a good time to push for this.”

The Senator asked lawmakers to allocate more money to airport security in the federal budget and specifically to MSP.

“We've seen them at times try to reduce that funding overall for our country's budget in ways I don't agree with, like for the wall and stuff like that,” Klobuchar said. “But it’s also about how they allocate the money within the TSA budget and we want to make sure they're paying attention to this airport."