Ricky Cobb shooting: Trooper appears in court, ready to fight charges

A Minnesota state trooper is free on a set of court-imposed conditions that does not include monetary bail after making his first court appearance on a murder charge in the deadly traffic stop shooting of Ricky Cobb II.

Trooper Ryan Londregan did not enter a plea Monday. Londregan had lots of law enforcement support inside and outside of the courtroom as those close to him raised safety concerns. 

Trooper Londregan’s legal team has indicated, they are gearing up for a courtroom fight, questioning the county attorney’s use of a grand jury in the case, demanding the charges be dismissed.

Londregan and his attorneys stopped in front of the gathered news media outside the Public Safety Facility to thank supporters and questioned why County Attorney Mary Moriarty did not consult with a use-of-force expert before charging Londregan with second-degree murder, second-degree manslaughter and first-degree assault.

"So on September 19, 2023, the county attorney started this case by saying that they had retained a use-of-force expert, and that use-of-force expert was critical with respect to the charging decision," stated Londregan attorney Chris Madel. "And then last week, we found out Trooper Ryan Londregan was charged and they did not use the use of force expert. Standing behind me is about 100 different current and former police officers. Here are a bunch of use-of-force experts. All she needs to do is email me and I will hook her up with one."

The deadly traffic stop encounter unfolded last July on I-94 in north Minneapolis. Troopers pulled over Cobb early in the overnight hours, his taillights out. Cobb refused to exit the vehicle. He was wanted on a standing order-for-protection violation. When Londregan and a fellow trooper attempted to pull him from his car, Cobb appeared to set the vehicle in motion, Londregan fired twice.

"My brother is the hero," said Octavia Ruffin, Cobb’s sister, following Londregan’s brief court appearance.

Trooper Londregan makes his first court appearance after being charged in the shooting of Ricky Cobb II.

The Cobb family, including his mother and father, attended the hearing with civil attorney, Bakari Sellers.

"I want justice for my brother," added Ruffin. "We are coming respectfully. We do not want any drama, no violence, no nothing."

Trooper Londregan came and went with his wife. He said nothing to either the judge or the media. His attorneys, though, have raised concerns about the safety of him and his family in the days since he was charged.

In one early filing that has since been withdrawn at the state’s request, lawyers documented online threats seemingly directed at the trooper. They also provided the court with a Ring doorbell video purportedly from the Londregan house in October. It appears to show a vehicle pulling right up in front, followed by a barrage of flashes. They believe it is someone they do not know, taking photographs of the house.

Londregan was not formally booked at the jail Monday and was instead released under the conditions that he remains law abiding, makes all future court appearances and surrenders his passport. Additionally, he is not allowed to transport firearms. But that seemingly left the door open for Londregan to keep a gun at his house amid safety and security concerns.

His next court date is set for April 29.