Police report: Former Gopher supplied Xanax to current wrestlers

The University of Minnesota has released a written report on its investigation of the use and dealing of Xanax pills by some members of the Gopher wresting team.

In June, the Fox 9 Investigators reported on allegations of at least 14 wrestlers dealing and/or using the anti-anxiety drug. The players called the drug "Zanny" and were selling it for $5 a pill. They took them with caffeinated sports energy drinks to get high.

FOX 9 FIRST REPORT - 4 Gophers wrestlers under investigation for selling Xanax

Newly-released police report

The police report, released on Friday afternoon, reveals a former teammate supplied the pills to the squad.

Investigators allege he mailed the drugs to the players, hidden in shoes and shoe boxes. At that time, he was going to a school out of state.

During the investigation, it was also discovered the former Gopher passed out in a study hall and a handgun was found in his backpack at his new school. The Fox 9 Investigators learned he was not charged in the case.

The police report was 191 pages long and contained a lot of information released in a previous report. Friday's report did not include audio or transcripts taken from those interviewed in the investigation. The Fox 9 Investigators have asked for the information.

Waiting for internal investigation to be released

University officials put head coach J Robinson on paid leave as the school conducts an internal investigation. Robinson's current contract goes through 2020. It’s been reported the school is negotiating a buyout of the coach’s contract. It could be worth as much as $550,000.

Robinson held a series of post-season team meetings in March, in which the coach ordered mandatory urine testing and told his players if they wrote a one-page personal essay about what they had done, they'd be "granted amnesty."

According to a computer forensic report, as early as December 2015, evidence suggests that wrestling program staff, including Robinson and senior associate athletics director Marc Ryan, knew "the unlawful use, sale, or possession of drugs was a problem for at least one wrestler on the team." On Dec. 7th, an email shows knowledge of a wrestler found by campus police intoxicated and in the possession of a Ziploc bag containing a few orange pills.