Northern Lights spotted in Minnesota for some, bust for others

There was a chance for the Northern Lights to appear across much of Minnesota late Thursday night and early Friday morning, and while a spectacular sight for some, it was a bust for others. 

A potential G3 (Strong) geomagnetic storm was predicted for Nov. 30 after four coronal mass ejections this week, bringing a heightened chance to see the aurora in the Twin Cities metro area. It was supposed to be ideal conditions with mostly clear skies, but with the bright moon, the solar winds were just not strong enough for some. 

However, some stargazers were lucky enough to capture the aurora from this latest geomagnetic storm and shared their pictures with FOX 9. 

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Northern Lights captured by Iryna Talkachova in Finlayson, Minnesota. (Instagram/Facebook: @irynatphotography)

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If you are bummed about not seeing the Northern Lights on Thursday night, there is another chance on Friday night, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) prediction

For those wishing to chase the lights, it's best to get away from the metro into more rural spots, away from the light pollution from cities. The NOAA predicts that northern Minnesota will have a high likelihood of seeing the aurora.

Back in March, a G3 storm created some spectacular sights across Minnesota. But, it's fair to note, the aurora can be fickle, and a geomagnetic storm is tough to predict, so there's no guarantee this storm will be visible to everyone.