Minnesota gets a much needed March reprieve

Well, it finally happened. We finally had a March that wasn’t just an extension of winter.  The last couple of years, March was characterized by cold and snow. This year, while we did have above average moisture, thanks to our late month rains, it was a bearable four weeks that started our spring transition much earlier than the last couple of years.

Slowing air travel may be affecting your forecast

With COVID-19 shutting down many components of daily life from restaurants to schools to the way we travel, it was only a matter of time before it effects everything in your life--and that includes your forecast.

Ice out! Some Minnesota lakes have already declared ice-free conditions

Well, it’s that time of year again. The sure sign that we’ve turned the corner from winter’s wrath and are headed for the much warmer conditions of the spring and summer. It’s ice out season. Over the last decade or so, it’s really become the unofficial marker to spring, much like Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer. Our infatuation with it is a bit puzzling, but somehow it’s a big deal every year.

Where’s our spring flood?

We are now roughly a week away from the start of April and in the prime spring flood season, so where’s all of this much anticipated high water?