Northern Lights could be visible in MN on Thursday

Keep an eye toward the sky on Thursday, as conditions are right for a potential Northern Lights show in the Midwest and beyond.

Forecasters say a G3 (Strong) geomagnetic storm is possible for Thursday night after four coronal mass ejections this week. With clear skies expected in Minnesota, that could set the stage for some spectacular aurora sightings.

For those wishing to chase the lights, it's best to get away from the metro into more rural spots, away from the light pollution from cities. The NOAA is predicting that northern Minnesota will have a high likelihood of seeing the aurora, while the Northern Lights could stretch as far south as central Iowa.

Back in March, a G3 storm created some spectacular sights across Minnesota. But, it's fair to note, the aurora can be fickle, and a geomagnetic storm is tough to predict, so there's no guarantee this storm will be visible to everyone.

For some potential viewing spots, you can click here. Again, the further from the cities, the better when it comes to light pollution.