New proposal would have Minneapolis residents vote on whether to remove, replace police department

Minneapolis residents would be able to vote on whether to remove the police department from the city charter and replace it with a new department that would “provide for community safety and violence prevention,” under a new proposal from some city council members.  

Five councilmembers—Jeremiah Ellison, Alondra Cano, Cam Gordon, Steve Fletcher and Lisa Bender—are planning to introduce an ordinance to submit to voters proposing amendments to the city charter. The councilmembers intend to put forth the ordinance at the next city council meeting, which is currently scheduled for June 26. 

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At Friday’s city council meeting, all 12 city council members voted to pass a resolution calling for a potential, newly-formed City Department of Community Safety, “with a holistic approach to community safety.” 

The resolution was the first official step from the city council after a nine-member majority announced their support for dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department at a rally in Powderhorn Park over the weekend.