Nearly 6 feet long boa constrictor caught in Burnsville, Minnesota

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The handcuffs weren't necessary - and wouldn't have worked - Monday afternoon as police in Burnsville nabbed an unusual fugitive.

Officers nabbed the suspect, a five to six foot red tail boa constrictor, near McAndrews Road and Nicollet Ave S around 5 p.m.

A driver called the police after having to swerve to miss the snake.

Officers took it into custody and delivered if safely to animal control where it now sits.

Police say the snake is rather docile, so they believe it is someone's pet.

Anyone who knows who the snake belongs to is asked to call Animal Control at 952-894-3647 or Burnsville Police at 8952-895-4600.

This snake encounter is one of the latest in separate police-snake interactions throughout the Twin Cities metro area. In Hastings, a bullsnake appeared in a bathtub and a Coon Rapids police officer had a snake get loose in her police squad car.