Minnesota Vikings’ Bynum hosts turkey giveaway in Burnsville despite visa issues

The Bynum family gave back to the community on Monday afternoon at Burnsville High School. 

But they may have been feeling just as grateful as the people on the receiving end of the food distribution, after a whirlwind of change over the last month.

"It’s been a long process being able to get her out here," Cam Bynum said. "A lot of meetings, and a lot of disappointments with denials with the visa process."

Following a big Vikings win on Monday Night Football in late October, safety Camryn Bynum made headlines around the world, when he used his post-game interview to bring attention to his wife Lalaine’s tough situation in the Philippines. The couple married in March, but Cam says they had struggling, for a year and half, to secure a visa for Lalaine to join him in Minnesota.

"We just had to trust God‘s timing that she’ll be here eventually," Bynum said.

After two denials, and what felt like years of waiting and praying, Lalaine recently got another appointment; and better news this time around. She arrived in Minnesota about a week ago, in time to take in her first Vikings game on Sunday.

"Just like any other person, we had to go through the whole process over a year, and it may seem like it was a handout from social media, but really we had to go through a lot of disappointment over the past year and a half," Bynum continued.

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith stepped in as well. As Cam explains, to make sure Lalaine’s application was submitted correctly.

"I’m really grateful to both of them for being willing to help us and go through the process with us," Bynum said. On Monday, he paid it forward. His family handed out food to families in need ahead of the holidays.

"It’s great she gets to experience the cold-weather," Cam’s mother Jennifer Bynum said of her daughter-in-law.

Lalaine and Camryn are crediting the tough experience with strengthening their relationship for years to come.