New film highlighting MN ski hill

FOX 9 sat down with producer Matthew Zabransky to learn more about the new film “100 foot Mountain” which highlights Buck Hill Ski Area in Burnsville. The film will premiere in October. To learn more, visit

Deadly street racing convict to be released

Two families are shocked by the criminal justice system after a pair of siblings killed their children two years ago following a crash from street racing. The driver in the crash, then sentenced as a minor, will now soon be released. Fox 9’s Paul Blume has the details on the varying charges.

Burnsville family car, dog stolen

A car stolen with its dog inside has sent one Burnsville family into a frantic search for its recovery. Burnsville police are currently asking the public for any leads.

Wildfires: Simultaneously our friend and foe

Wildfires are both naturally occurring and beneficial — and, in many cases, necessary evolution of forests and grasslands alike. But it's far more complex than that with humans directly affecting our landscape in both good and not-so-good ways.

Using fire to improve landscape in Minnesota

Prescribed burns, as they're often called, have become commonplace across the country, including right here in Minnesota. In fact, the city of Burnsville is using fire to transform its heavily forested city parks back into the oak savannas they once were hundreds of years ago. With several hundred acres of parks, they will be transformed over the course of many years. But it's already underway in Terrace Oaks Park with roughly one-third of the 220-acre park restored.

Somali community mourns crash victims

The Somali community came out in thousands Monday despite the heat to show support for the family of the five women killed in a crash on Lake Street Friday evening.