Minnesota State Fair won't allow smoking pot, selling THC products on fairgrounds

Marijuana is now legal in Minnesota but you'll have to leave your pre-rolls at home when coming to the Minnesota State Fair this year.

The fair says it won't allow marijuana to be smoked on fairgrounds nor, like last year, will it permit the sales of THC and CBD products on fairgrounds.

While smoking pot is barred, edibles may be a different story. Last year, fair officials told FOX 9 visitors could carry the hemp-derived THC edibles, as they were not on the prohibited items list. As of now, the prohibited items section of the fair's website makes no reference to THC edibles.

While you can't buy THC items on fairgrounds, you likely won't have to go far to get some gummies. Last year, vendors set up shop along Snelling Avenue and Midway Parkway, just steps from the fairgrounds, hawking hemp-derived, low-potency THC products.

It should be noted that, currently, the only place you can buy cannabis THC products in Minnesota is on tribal lands. Licensing for cannabis businesses in the state is still more than a year out, with the state estimating that marijuana shops won't get up and running until at least 2025.