Minnesota sends Rep. Thompson late payment notice for July 4 traffic stop ticket

Rep. John Thompson speaks outside of court on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. (FOX 9)

Minnesota has sent state Rep. John Thompson a late payment notice because the St. Paul lawmaker has not paid his $286 ticket for driving after suspension on July 4. 

The state warned Thompson that he may face additional sanctions if he does not pay by Sept. 8. That is around the same time as the Minnesota Legislature’s September special session, when there could be movement to sanction Thompson in the House over his residency issues and reports of past domestic abuse. Thompson has rebuffed bipartisan calls to resign.

Thompson was cited during the July 4 traffic stop because his driving privileges had been suspended in Minnesota for unpaid child support, which the state lawmaker has since cleared up.

Thompson was initially pulled over for what the police sergeant claimed was a missing front license plate and driving quickly away from an intersection, although Thompson accused the sergeant of racially profiling him.