Search for Minnesota lawmaker's residency uncovers domestic assault cases

In searching for State Representative John Thompson’s residency, FOX 9 has uncovered four cases of domestic violence with allegations Thompson punched, hit, and choked women.  

According to the police reports from 2003 to 2009, in some cases the assaults happened in the presence of young children.

Questions about Thompson’s residency were raised after he was stopped by St. Paul Police on July 4 for not having a front license plate.  

Thompson, who accused St. Paul Police of racially profiling him, presented a Wisconsin driver license during the stop, a license he has renewed as recently as November 2020, when he was elected to the Minnesota legislature.

The domestic violence cases stretch back to October 2003, in Superior, Wisconsin, when Thompson was arrested after he allegedly struck his girlfriend in the face with an open and closed fist. The woman’s five-year-old daughter witnessed the assault, which happened in a Supermarket parking lot.  

Thompson’s girlfriend said she and her child were homeless and declined to cooperate.  

Superior Police said Thompson fled the scene and resisted arrest when he was found a short time later. Thompson eventually pled guilty in Douglas County, Wisconsin to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Thompson allegedly attacked the same girlfriend nearly a year later, August 2004, at her Eagan apartment. Police arrived after a 911 hang-up call.  

She said during an argument with Thompson, he broke the phone cord and put both hands around her neck and began choking her.

During the struggle Thompson allegedly said, "I’ll choke you until you can’t breathe anymore."

She said she ran out of the apartment screaming, but Thompson grabbed her and dragged her back to the apartment. She said she even tried to escape through a window.  

She told police Thompson became angry when she dialed 911 from another phone and began "hitting her in the head, punching her in the face and then he grabbed her and threw her into the kitchen table, which broke."

She said three children - her daughter and Thompson’s two sons - witnessed most of the assault.    

The girlfriend recounted to police that during an argument at the pool of the apartment complex the day before, Thompson allegedly belittled her daughter, calling her a series of expletives, that culminated with, "F—- you, f—— your daughter, I hope you both die."

The woman said she and her daughter had recently moved to Eagan, she didn’t know anyone, and didn’t have any money. Eagan Police took her and her daughter to a domestic abuse shelter.

The case was referred to child protection and the Dakota County Attorney to review for possible charges.

In September 2009, St. Paul Police officers responded to a call of domestic violence involving Thompson and two women.  Thompson and the women were fighting about a cellphone he received from another girlfriend.  It is unclear from the report if it is the girlfriend from the previous cases.

During that 2009 incident, according to the reports, as the yelling escalated Thompson pulled out his penis in front of his girlfriend and two young children and said, "I’m the man, you can all s—- my d—-."

Thompson denied he ever exposed himself. The Ramsey County Attorney declined to file charges.  

St. Paul Police responded to another domestic assault involving a different woman in March 2010. The victim said she had been with Thompson for 11 years and they have two children together.  

During an argument, Thompson allegedly removed his penis from his pants and told her to "kiss the tip," in front of relatives and children.  

Later, she told police, Thompson grabbed her around the neck with both hands and told her, "I’ll choke you until your voice box stops."

According to the police reports, the Ramsey County Attorney declined to charge the case "due to several issues, delayed 911 call, poor witness info, (and) victim stated she was fired up and doesn’t remember who attacked who first."

Thompson’s attorney, Jordan Kushner, told FOX 9 by email, "Mr. Thompson does deny the allegations. The end results speak for themselves."

Kushner appears to be referencing that only one case resulted in criminal charges.  

Thompson is currently on trial in Hennepin County for a disorderly conduct case that stemmed from a visit to North Memorial Hospital, where Thompson and others were asked to leave.  

Kushner added, "We are currently focused on the trial and do not have time to dissect these police reports from 10-18 years ago."