Minneapolis shooting: Witness tried to ram gunman with car before Officer Mitchell was killed

More details are emerging in the shooting death of Minneapolis Police Officer Jamal Mitchell, as the city released the full incident report on Wednesday.

According to the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) report, before police arrived on the scene, the driver of a Subaru came across the Suspect, Mustafa Mohamed, outside the apartment where he’s reportedly just shot two people. 

The driver tells a 911 dispatcher that he witnessed Mohamed assaulting someone on a motorized scooter, and in an attempt to stop the assault, he rams him with his car, possibly breaking his leg.

The witness says after he hit him, Mohamed reached into his waistband and pulled out what was possibly a gun, and started firing. Police arrived shortly thereafter.

Authorities say they responded to the apartment on Blaisdell Avenue on May 30 on reports of two people shot. Officer Mitchell was the first to respond, and when he arrived, he came across two injured people in the street. When he approached Mohamed and asked if he was hurt or needed help, Mohamed shot him.

The report appears to show that Mohamed continued shooting for two minutes, exchanging gunfire with responding officers before they eventually killed him.

The Minneapolis Fire Department also reported that EMS crews used a fire truck as a shield, attempting to get Mitchell to safety as bullets were flying.

The massive response following the shooting was also highlighted in the data released Wednesday, as more than 100 squad cars responded to the scene over the course of the evening. In addition, police forced entry into at least 16 apartments as they worked to secure the scene.