Minneapolis chase, shootout: Man pleads guilty after incident killed bystander on scooter

A man has pleaded guilty to his alleged involvement in a car chase and shooting that killed a bystander riding a scooter in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis in 2021. 

Christopher Walker, 35, was charged with attempted second-degree murder, second- and third-degree murder, and a weapons charge in connection to the incident on Oct. 6, 2021. He pleaded guilty on Tuesday to third-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder in exchange for the other charges being dropped. 

According to court records, Walker was driving one of the two SUVs that were chasing each other, and firing back-and-forth, before the violent crash that killed 18-year-old Autumn Merrick. 

Merrick was riding a scooter with her friend, getting snacks at the Holiday Gas Station near Target Field, when she was struck by one of the vehicles and ended up pinned underneath.

A passenger in Walker’s car, Marvel Williams, was sentenced in March 2023 to 291 months in prison. Williams had previously pleaded guilty to several charges, including third-degree murder. 

If a Hennepin County judge accepts the terms of Walker’s plea agreement, he faces a sentence between 260 months and 291 months (approximately 21–24 years) in prison. Walker is scheduled to be sentenced on March 18.